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GURPS Prime Directive


Rules Clarifications

  • Arm Lock: When setting up an Arm Lock, you do not have to specifically target the arm with your previous grapple. When applying an Arm Lock after a successful parry or grapple, you do not have to apply a location penalty to the Arm Lock technique as the location penalty is built into its point cost.
  • Groin Hits: When randomly determining hit locations, an 11 is a hit to the lower torso, with a 1 in 6 chance of actually hitting the groin. The lower torso may be targeted at -1; the groin may be targeted at -3, with a miss by one still hitting the lower torso.

Reference Sheets

  • 2d Damage: Allows a player to use to “D&D dice” instead of some multiple of 6-sides dice to determine damage. Using 2d2-2 for phaser burn damage is especially recommended.
  • Combat Maneuvers (currently not implemented): This is essentially the optional rule from GURPS Martial Arts 4th edition, p. 113. This house rule only affects characters that do not have any melee weapon or unarmed fighting skills nor a ranged weapon skills at DX level.
  • Ranged Combat: Includes the following often referenced charts on a single page: Size and Speed/Range modifiers [B550], Hit Location--random and modifiers [B552], and Rapid Fire bonuses [B373]. It is recommended that this page be printed on the back side of your phaser checksheets.
  • Reference Sheets: Several cheat sheets put together by various GURPS fans. Pick your favorite to print out and bring the the games. I recommend Onkl’s guide--it will fit on a single two-sided page. If you find Onkl’s font size a bit too small, try Neonepitaph’s guide instead. MeatGrinder's Hit Calculator is actually a website.
  • Unarmed Combat: A flow chart and combat cards.
  • Vulcan Nerve Pinch: A Martial Arts Technique that allows one to render a foe unconscious via a pinch to the neck, learned almost exclusively by Vulcans