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United Federation of Planets


Despite the vast distances separating their homeworlds, many humanoid species have been found to share a remarkable commonality in form and genetic coding. These similarities [are] believed to be evidence of a common ancestry, an ancient humanoid species, who lived in our galaxy's distant past some four billion years ago.--Humanoid - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

After Humans--Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellarites are the dominant species within Starfleet. Most starships, starbases, and planets are primarily populated by a single dominant species, although there are exceptions.

Choosing Your Character's Species

The default assumption is that PCs will be humans serving on a predominantly human starship. If you would prefer to play an alien species, choose one from the list below and inform the GM (who reserves the right to deny your request). Disadvantages in your Species Template do not count against the campaign's disadvantage limit. Omitting traits from a species template does count against the campaign's disadvantage limit.

The assumption is that all species conform to Human norms; exceptions are noted within each species' description.

Species of the Federation

Common Species

  • Humans (0/-20 pts): the most outworldly, idealistic, and expansionistic race in the United Federation of Planets
  • Andorian (24/15/5/2 pts): emotional and passionate race with blue skin, antennae, and four sexes
  • Tellarite (-7/-7 pts): argumentative and obstinate, they are stout and porcine in appearance
  • Vulcan (26/5 pts): natural touch-telepaths devoted to logic, they have pointed ears and upswept eyebrows

Uncommon Species

Rare Species

  • Arcturian (FASA--Arcturan, G:PD--‘Elves’)
  • Argelian (FASA)
  • Betazoid: The Betazoids broke the warp drive barrier with their first warp the 22nd century.
  • Bolian: Starfleet Academy was accepting Bolian cadets as early as the 2270s. (Decipher)
  • Brecon: four armed humanoids (G:PD)
  • Coridan: The Babel Conference in 2268 was to consider their admission into the UFP.
  • Cygnan (11 pts): an affinity for science and technology, they are gregarious albinos with black eyes [G:PD]
  • Cygnian (FASA)
  • Joridian: humanoid telephaths (FASA)
  • Kaferian: intelligent insectoids (FASA)
  • Medusan
  • Mynieni: nonhumanoid race (G:PD)
  • Prellarian (G:PD--‘Dwarves’)
  • Suliban
  • Trill: (the fact that some Trill exist as a joined symbiotic species is widely unknown in the 23rd century)

Very Rare Species (not available as a PC without a 5 point unusual background)

  • Bajoran: not involved with the Federation until 2369
  • Benzite: not involved with the Federation until the 24th century
(24/15/5/2 pts)
(-7/-7 pts)
(0/-20 pts)
TL11 Everyman Lens
(5 pts)
S.F. Academy
(8 pts)
Martial Arts