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Personnel Phasers

There are a wide array of methods available for dispensing [directed energy] such a discharge, from plasma weapons, lasers and phase weapons to modern Starfleet's phaser weapon, which fires particles called nadions. Another common energy discharge weapon is the disruptor, used by Klingons and Romulans. (TOS; TNG; DS9; ENT)--Directed Energy Weapon - Memory Alpha

Type 1 Phasers are the standard side arm of Starfleet officers. If the situation warrants it, Type 2 Phasers may be issued. Phaser Rifles are rarely issued during peace time. Starfleet phasers are far more versatile and expensive than the disruptors used by most other galactic powers. Rainbow Lasers are popular civilian weapons.

All these weapons use Beam Weapons skill to operate. A ready maneuver is required to change the setting (e.g. Base Cycle Stun to Light Heat), adjust the cone size (available for Base Cycle Stun and Heat settings only), or to set the RoF (e.g. selecting the maximum RoF to be 2 instead of 10).

There are two significant difference with this campaign setting and Star Trek cannon. Stunning is not automatic: there is a HT roll to resist and it can cause phaser burns. Disintegrate does not make you neatly vanish; it does tight beam burning damage.

Type 1 Holdout Phaser

Type 1 Phaser

Type-1 phasers are typically carried when it would be inappropriate to carry a larger weapon, such as on diplomatic missions, or "undercover" work.--Type 1 phaser - Memory Alpha

The Type-1 Phaser is the smallest, most basic weapon carried by Starfleet and other Federation personnel. It has five adjustable settings, ranging from stun to heat to Disintegrate and is fired by a trigger on the top of the unit. It takes a Ready maneuver to change from one setting to another or to adjust Wide Beam Mode. Use Beam Weapons (Pistols) skill to operate it, or Beam Weapons (Projector) to make use of Wide Beam mode. The Type-1 Phaser makes use of a rechargeable battery; replacement power cells are not easily reloaded.

Type 1 Phaser Stats
Weight0.29 + 0.05(B Cell)
Legality Class3
Tech Level11^
Type 1 Phaser Setting
1: Base Cycle StunwbHT-2 aff: stun (sec)10/201¼@
2d2-2 burn
2: Stun(wb)HT-2 aff: uncs (min)10/3011@
2d2-2 burn
3: Light Heatwb2d4-1 burn100/30010½@
4: Heatwbd6+d8-1 burn100/300101@
5: Disintegrated6+d8-1(3) burn300/900101@
*:The visible beam itself provides a +1 to hit (and a +1 to dodge it) on the turn after being fired at its full RoF for that setting; it also gives away the firer’s position [G:B, p. 412]. The Type 1 and 2 phasers--or any one-handed weapon in general--are considered braced if used two-handed, which gives +1 bonus to hit after a turn a aiming. [G:B, p. B364] By default, no beam visible in the stun settings.
†:Some settings use more or less than 1 “Shot” of energy. E.g. Base Cycle Stun uses ¼ a “shot” of energy.
wb:Wide Beam--hit locations smaller than the torso may not be targeted. Projected cone size may be adjusted with Beam Weapons (Projector) skill.
(wb):as Wide Beam, except beam size not adjustable.