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Starfleet Divisions

Starfleet is the deep-space exploratory and defense service maintained by the United Federation of Planets. Its principal functions include the advancement of Federation knowledge about the galaxy and its inhabitants, the advancement of Federation science and technology, the military defense of the Federation, and the practice of Federation diplomacy.-- Memory Alpha "Starfleet"

Starfleet is made up of several divisions which contain one or more departments. Officers of each division can be identified by uniform color: Command-gold, Operations-red, and Sciences-blue.

Starfleet Divisions and Departments
Division Div. Head Department Dept. Head Attributes Exclusive Advantages Suggested Disadvantages Exclusive Skills
Command Number One Command Helmsman DX+1, IQ+1, B.S.-0.25, Per-1, Will can exceed IQ by 100% (perk) Intuition, Luck, Motivational Speaker (new perk), Serendipity Obsession
Operations Chief of Operations Engineering Chief Engineer IQ+2, Will-2 Quick Gadgeteer (Solder and Duct Tape) Incurious, Workaholic
Operations Chief of Operations Operators Operations Manager IQ+2, Will-2 Daredevil, Gizmo Overconfidence Computer Hacking
Operations Chief of Operations Security Security Chief ST+1, DX+1 Enhanced Defenses, Gunslinger, Trained By A Master, Weapon Master Unluckiness
Sciences Science Officer Academics Research Manager IQ+2, Will-2 Absolute Timing, Intuitive Mathematician, Photographic Memory, Super-Memorization, Wild Talent Curious, Oblivious
Sciences Science Officer Counseling Counselor IQ+2, Will-2 Cultural Adaptability, Zeno-Adaptability Code of Honor (Psychics), Xenophilia Hypnotism
Sciences Science Officer Medical Chief Medical Officer IQ+2, Will-2 Higher Purpose ("Medic!" Code of Honor (Professional), Vow (Refuse no request for medical aid)

The department an officer will serve in is determined by their forth year at The Academy.