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Medidcal Equpiment

I swear this oath by Apollo physician, and by all the gods and goddesses: In whatsoever place that I enter I will enter to help the sick and heal the injured, and I will do no harm.--Hippocratic Oath

Federation Medical Science has progressed to GURPS tech level 9, which includes human genetic engineering, tissue engineering, artificial wombs, and cybernetic implants [B512]. The ban on eugenics means human genetic engineering is used only to reverse damage, never to augment natural abilities. A cultural aversion to cybernetic implants means they are used only when necessary.

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

A Starfleet issue First Aid Kit is standard equipment for away teams who expect to be out of contact/transporter range of their starship. It contains bandages and various drugs for treating minor wounds. It gives a +1 (quality) bonus to First Aid Skill.

A First Aid Kit weighs 2 lb and is GURPS LC3 and TL9. The consumables cost $50 and are made up of the following.

  • Analgine (5 pills): A single pill (30 minutes to take effect) will produce High Pain Threshold and Drowsy for (25-HT)/4 hours. $2/dose = $10. [BT 149]
  • Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic (28 pills): This is a single two-week course that should take care of any bacterial infection. $10. [BT 150]
  • Plasti-Skin Bandages (20 field dressings): The correct (successful First Aid role and 20 seconds) application of one of these antiseptic and analgesic patches will stop bleeding and restore 1 HP of damage. They are transparent unless a colored versions is specifically requested (e.g. for disguise purposes). $0.50/application = $10. 0.025 lb/application = 0.5 lb. LC4. [BT 124]
  • Revive Capsules (4 capsules): Breaking one of these small capsules under the nose of an unconscious or stunned person will completely revive them on a HT+5 roll. They may fall right back to asleep again if they wish. $5/dose = $20. LC4. [BT 152]