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USS Yorktown: NCC 1704

Starfleet Academy grounds

Yorktown Personnel

The following Yorktown officers and heroes of the Federation merit particular notice.

  • E. Keaton Ballard: an altruistic human Counseling officer (played by BC)
  • Lt. J.G. Spark Lynn: an adventurous human Medical officer (played by Spark)
  • Lt. J.G. Kagiso Mkele: a broad-minded human Counseling officer (played by Amy)
  • E. Aura Putar: a no-nonsense human Engineering officer (played by Alex)
  • Lt. J.G. Atilla Vörösign: an heroic human Security officer (played by Adam)


Stardate format is 22yymm.dd; the "22" is assumend. The current stardate is .

Notable Missions of the USS Yorktown under the Command of Captain Evan Foster
6606.29EarthStarfleet Academy class of 2266 graduates
6608.27Camus IIUSS Yorktown repairs celebium shielding of Camus II research outpost
6611.14SinbadSinbad colony’s coverup of the sapient nature of a native aquatic species is exposed
6701.07Nin'YendA Coridan orbital platform is the source of information leaks to the Orion Syndicate
6703.25SurviasOfficers escape a quarantined world after being framed for an assassination attempt
6706.06Terilek SystemOfficers discover and put a stop to Orion pirate activity in the Terilek system
6709.2234K/iiiA clash with Klingons on this proto-bronze-age world is halted by the Organians
6803.21SurviasOfficers go back to Survias and establish that Intelligence Officer Hipli is dead
6806.01BreuseOfficers defend the Sterling Agricultural District from the Nogog-Girak Mining Company
6809.20USS KarachiOfficers protect the secrets of the ghost-ship USS Karachi from Romulans
6901.02Sicon SystemOfficers find and free mining colonists being held by Danurians on Sicon III
6905.23Gamma Naturalis IIStrike Team rescue a few USS Karachi survivors and some Klingons
6907.25Gamma Naturalis IIStrike Team exchange places with (evil) parallel universe counterparts
6909.04NautalisStrike Team apprehend five Klingons that sabotaged the Aquatic Research Dome
7001.05892-IVStrike Team recover Federation technology and four SS Beagle survivors.
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