Antonio Varelli

I was born and raised in Milan.  My father was a priest, as was his father before him.  He naturally expected me to follow in his footsteps.  And indeed, I was studying to be a priest when I was called to a secret meeting with a bishop who was not of my parish.  He spoke with a strange accent and said that due to my unusual talents, I was being summoned to a special calling.  I was to become part of an elite secret cabal within the Roman Catholic Church that hunted and killed, for lack of a more descriptive term, monsters.

Officially, the Church could not concede that these things existed, unless they could be explained through biblical texts, which worked reasonable well in some cases, but in others...  Well, that’s where we came in.

Unofficially, the Church had to recognize that these monsters were a very real threat to humanity and that they had to be dealt with.  That was our job.  The problem was that it had to be done in total secrecy so that the Church could be disavowed of all knowledge of these supernatural phenomena.  It simply wasn’t prepared to deal with the public knowledge of these things.  All evidence had to be destroyed.

Our members, as special keepers of the faith, had no real lives outside the Church.  We were specially trained in the hand to hand fighting arts of the East, in how to use bladed weapons and even in the use of black powder weapons.  We were schooled in the ancient lore of all known supernatural phenomena.  We were trained in tracking, hunting, and the efficient disposal of these evil creatures.  And we enjoyed several years of success; however, eventually, one of our brethren decided to expose the order.  Then our superiors issued the command to track down the traitor and kill him.

I could not do this with a clear conscience so I fled.  I altered my name and appearance and went into business for myself.  Two years ago I took on a new partner, Deano “Dean” Visconti, to aid me in dealing with certain awkward social situations which might arise and also in dealing with sone of the more fiendish creatures of the night.  With regards to my past, he knows nothing for now.  And I know nothing of his.

Pipe Smoking, Knife Throwing, Warrior

Antonio Varelli (161 pts)

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