Monster Hunters: Florence
and Hunted
Antonio Varelli
Hunter (156 pts)
Knife throwing warrior

Deano Visconti
Hunter (151 pts)
Tormented sleuth

Character Building 
Characters should be built with 200 points (-41 disadvantage limit).

Required Lenses
Everyman TL4 Lens (5 pts)
Motivational Lens (-15 pts)
Background (varies)

Action Lens TL4 (5 pts)
Fencing School (5 pts)
Mercenary/Militia (3 pts)

Adventurer Lens TL4 (10 pts)
Hidden Lore, Theology, etc.
Hero Lens (-20 pts)
Suitable Advantages List
Suitable Disadvantages List
Suitable Skills List
Optional Templates/Lenses

and Loadouts
The primary source for equipment will be GURPS Low Tech.  Equipment indigenous to (early TL4) 1511 Italy is appropriate.  Wheellocks are the most advance black powder weapons available.  If you want more exotic gear, take the Signature Gear Advantage [B85]. If you need more money to buy more gear, consider trading points for money.

Silver Weapons are not cheap
Budget Slayer $400

Character Templates
To busy to build a character from scratch?  Try one of these ready-to-go templates.  To use one simply pay its point cost and select from its options.

Commando (150 pts)
Crusader (150 pts) on request
Sage (150 pts) on request
Sleuth (150 pts) on request
Warrior (150 pts) on request
Witch (150 pts) on request

and Journals
Florence Timeline (short)
Florence History (long)
Nuova Cronica (14th century)
History... by Machiavelli

House Rules 
and Options
MHF Campaign Planning Form updated 27 Jun 2011Character_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Everyman_TL4_Lens_%285_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Motivational_Lens_%28-15_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Background_%28varies%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_TL4_Action_Lens_%285_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Fencing_School_%285_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Mercenary_Militia_%283_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_TL4_Adventure_Lens_%2810_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Hidden_Lore,_Theology,_etc..htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Hero_Lenses_%28-20_pts%29.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Suitable_Advantages_List.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Suitable_Disadvantages_List.htmlCharacter_Building/Entries/1511/6/28_Suitable_Skills_List.html$400.htmlTemplates/Entries/1511/6/28_Commando_%28150_pts%29.htmlFlorence_Timeline.html


Florence (Italian: Firenze) is, according to many, the pinnacle of literary and artistic culture in Italy and possibly all of Europe.  It is famous for it’s high-quality finished cloth, especial wool.  It’s government, the Signoria, is ostensibly selected at random from the ranks of the city’s guilds.  Florence sits on land best suited for small-scale farming, but the nearby mountains provide grazing and lumber, while an extensive wine-growing region is just down the River Arno, with good land for olives and grain just beyond to the south and west. [GHS:RF, p. 5]
Pop: 85,000 (Search +2)


Terrain: Plains
Appearance: Attractive (+1) 
Hygiene: -1
Low Mana (Rare Enchantment)
Beast Hunters

While The Church is equipped to (and, in some situations, holds itself to be the only legal authority to) handle unholy menaces, anyone who wants a “beast” taken care of quickly and discretely might eventually find themselves employing of the services of Antonio Varelli and Deano “Dean” Visconti: Beast Hunters.  Ostensibly, they rid the town and countryside of unwanted natural wildlife; but occasionally, the beasts they must dispose of are anything but natural.

All urban centers have a dark and sinister side; Florence’s is dominated by various supernatural factions. The two groups most comfortable in human society – vampires and witches – are engaged in a cold war while smaller communities of demons, lycanthropes, and Watu (a coalition of Vodun bokors, necromancers, and in-betweeners) survive by playing the vampires and witches against each other.

Movers and Shakers

The vampire’s influence in the Signoria (nine government leaders) is significant, due to the various vampire clan’s stranglehold on many of the Arti Maggiori (Major Guilds).  Vampires seem content to maintain the status quo.

While the witch covens lack the power of the vampire clans, they do control several of the Arti Mediane (Intermediate Guilds).  Exactly what the witches are up to is not generally known.

None of Florence’s diabolical monsters, nor its practitioners of unholy arts, are willing to risk exposing their true natures to gain an advantage.  To do so would likely result in the devastation of monster, hunter, and innocent by-stander alike.

Dark Places

Vampires are most visible downtown (C, D, E). 
Witches seem to prefer the northern quarter.  Most demonic activity occurs in Ortrarno--the southern quarter--south of the River Arno.  Lycanthropes prefer the more open regions near the city walls, both inside the walls and the suburbs just outside them.  If the Watu have a headquarters, its location is not known.

[The above information is adapted from GURPS Monster Hunters 2: The Mission, p. 37.]

A reconstruction of an antique Roman map with internet technology will be useful when planning a journey outside Florence.


Culture and Economy

Language: Toscani
Literacy: Accented
TL: 4 (early)
Wealth: Average
Status: -2 to 5

Political Environment

Government: representative democracy city-state (oligarchy)
CR: 3 (Corruption -1)
Military Resources: $1.36M (militia)
Defense Bonus: +8 (city wall)